iPhone uPhone – Danish Sait Prank Call 138

Warning: The audios are edited and not the full conversation. Please be informed before calling them fake.

If you ever caught off guard by a call from Nagraj, Nagesh, Asgarh, Chacko or the seemingly American John, know that it’s just Danish Sait carrying out his “supari” in the most faithful and convincing manner.

“I’m very picky about the people I prank. I never prank kids or anybody over 50. I don’t accept requests to prank parents either because I know I wouldn’t want anyone to mess with my mother.”

“So what happened in boarding school was that for eight years the only possible thing I could do besides studying, playing and spending time with my then girlfriend was to imitate the teachers. That’s when I realized that I could pick up accents and quirks, build on them and even overdo it.”

“I like improvisational comedy, which is different from stand-up. We are basically given situations or emotions on the spot or we pick off the cuff from the audience energy,”

“Improvisation is hard because you have a fraction of a second to react to the situation and I’m acting and doing comedy on stage. Observation is important and so is research. For instance if I’m asked to talk about a horse riding school, I need to know what happens there. You need to read a lot more and stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening around, with everything from Uttaranchal floods to the IPL scandal or Gangnam style.”

-Danish Sait
(Source: The Hindu)


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